Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is a hematologic malignancy characterized by the rapid proliferation of immature lymphoid cells. While advancements in treatment have significantly improved outcomes, the landscape becomes increasingly complex through the lens of economic crises, particularly evident in Lebanon. The intersection of medical exigency and financial constraints amplifies the challenges faced by ALL patients, impeding their access to treatments. This introduction helps understanding the critical nuances in managing ALL, and highlights the socioeconomic factors exacerbating the difficulties in providing care.

Case Presentation

A 32-year-old healthy man presented to a tertiary-care hospital in Beirut with symptoms indicative of ALL, including persistent fatigue, easy bruising, and frequent infections. Preliminary diagnostic tests, including CBC and bone marrow biopsy, confirmed the diagnosis of ALL. However, the initiation of critical chemotherapy hit a roadblock due to economic hardships and the scarcity of essential medications. Lebanon’s economic crisis has led to a severe shortage of crucial medications, exacerbating financial difficulties for the patient’s family. Skyrocketing prices and limited medical supplies made procuring chemotherapy drugs nearly impossible. The once-equipped oncology unit struggled to maintain treatment standards amid resource limitations. The delayed start of chemotherapy has dire implications for ALL prognosis, known for its aggressiveness requiring prompt intervention. Economic challenges not only hindered access to medications but also compromised the healthcare infrastructure’s ability to provide comprehensive care.


This case underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address Lebanon’s economic crisis and its direct impact on healthcare. Immediate actions from the government, international organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry are crucial. Timely access to medications and sustained financial support for healthcare institutions are imperative to prevent further deterioration and safeguard patients facing life-threatening conditions. This report emphasizes the human cost of systemic economic challenges in healthcare, urging swift global intervention to avert further health crises in Lebanon.