University Name, City
Q1. Have you heard of "Palliative Medicine"
Q2. Do you know the World Health Organization definition of palliative care?
Q3. Is palliative care an interdisciplinary approach?
Q4. Palliative care is to relieve sufferings and improve the quality of life of threatening illness
Q5. Does palliative care provide pshycological and spiritual support?
Q6. Can palliative care services be offered early in the case of life threatening illness, irrespective of prognosis?
Q7. Do palliative care hasten or postpone death?
Q8. Is Palliative care part of your academic curriculum?
Q9. If yes, how many hours are dedicated to it?
Q10. If yes, when is it introduced in the curriculum?
Q11. In what year do you believe Palliative Care should be introduced?
Q12. Are you aware of the EAPC recommendation of curriculum in palliative care for undergraduate medical education?
Q13. Do you think Palliative care should be part of the medical curriculum?
Q14. If no, please explain why